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Hey My Makers this is Priscilla Prince Your LOL! 😂Host of Crocheters Connection! 

What's Going On? Fun new and drastic changes are coming to Crocheter's Connection Podcast. In the meantime. Please Review, share, and enjoy the 16 episodes. 

Either Relax, Drive, Clean, Cook or Crochet while you Listen to Shows all about the Yarners' Lifestyle.

Making Creatives  smile,  giving tips and inspiration is the foundation of #ccpodcast 

Enjoy,  comment, and Share! 

Forever Hooked

Priscilla Prince


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May 27, 2017

Crochet is  the coolest Hobby ! 

This Show Your Hosts talks about the joy of crochet as a Hobby!

Listen to

  • Crochet As A Hobby
  • Crochet Swaps
  • Crochet Techniques
  • Crochet Benefits


Featured Stitch  is the Star Stitch                                                                         For ideas & inspiration visit #ccpodcast Pinterest Board Here

Fur Baby Is My Peaches!! Visit #ccpodcast FaceBook Page Here 


Contest Time  Share something great about crochet as a Hobby and what it means to you in the comments section of #ccpodcast and get more details about prizes.  Here

Until Next Time I'm forever Hooked and  it was a pleasure!









May 9, 2017


This Show features Joede Brown Designer and Owner of Black Pearl Creations

She shares:

Crocheting as a child

How her surprise business began

Tips to fellow crochet designers

Running a Crochet Businees

Coupon Code: crochetersconnection 20% off a $35 purchase


Find Joede Brown on
Etsy store:
Web Site
Face Book: Black Pearl Creations
You Tube Channel ljoede1123 :Joede1123                                                        How To Wear Shawls and Kimonos without looking like a Granny 



Apr 25, 2017

This Show shares about the healing affects of crochet.

 Hear about crocheter Kayla Davis research about Crochet and its benefits for those with stress and anxiety


Jackie Edwards is the winner of the “Is there not a Cause “ contest for her ongoing crochet and healing group.

Gifts Sponsored by and Avon Beauty Boss Katherine Campbell

Apr 11, 2017

Yarners and Your LOL Host Tell All about Healing & Crochet!


Jul 1, 2016
Yarn Lovers

This is actually Show #11. My apologies for the major error.

Nevertheless, Listen to the Crocheters Of Instagram connect from across the globe about loving yarn.

Your LOL Host, Latrell Leiza and Tammy laugh about the everyday life of crocheters.

Also, get the scoop on special sales still happening on Instagram at Tammy and Latrell's online crochet biz.




Apr 30, 2016

Show #10 Pattern Lovers

Hello My Creatives, Welcome to Crocheters Connection Podcast!

 This is your LOL Host Priscilla Prince bringing you episode #10.

This show is a bit different! It features your LOL Host and 3 other Crocheters on a conference call talking about Pattern Collectors Denise, Jesse, and Tammy, sad Yes when I asked them to come on the show.

We unite in hilarious snippets of the life of Crocheters. I even learn a lot about wool yarn. I’m certain you can relate and laugh with us.

 Although, the title is Pattern Lovers we wander off into a few other crochet topics.

I really hope you Enjoy the Show as much as I did! I present to the world Denise, Jesse, and Tammy!

In the Loop

3 Tips For Preserving Patterns

  1. Like Jess use virtual storage and go a step further, back them up on a USB just in case the websites are no longer available and if you have a huge pattern collection 2GB USB’s have the capacity to holding more than 2.000 files. Order 4GB Pack HERE
  2. If you have a monstrous collection Print and file them in color coordinated folders just like Denise Green for St Patrick’s Day, Red for Valentine’s Day and etc. Order These Colorful folders HERE
  3. Using Photo Albums are neat ways to keep patterns clean, organized, and portable. Like Tammy grab a few and sort out your patterns. Start off with the page protectors Here and Portable Binder Here    

You are on your way to being a Fab Organized Pattern Collector!

Featured Project: Plarn Crochet  I love this project! You’ll never run out of yarn, it’s free, and you’re helping the planet.  Visit CC Pinterest Board HERE For Ideas and Inspiration

Trivia: What is my favorite crochet quote I mentioned during this show?  To answer visit CC’s Blog HERE Click the green banner on the left and leave a message. Prize and winner to be announced on the next show.  


Denise Parker has a special for listeners. Shop MustHaveThis ETSY Store HERE and Get 20% off  coupon code cc2016  

CC Webinar on May 16th: How to Be A Success t Selling Handmade Pieces At Craft Shows. Register Here

As you know Mother’s Day Is quickly approaching and CC Podcast is honoring MOTHERS  by dedicating an hour show of  personal messages  On Mother’s Day.  Make Sure That Special MOM Listens to the show on Mother’s Day! Read A Poem, Share A Memory, Say Something Lovely, Sing A Song.  Just go to  CC Blog click the green banner on the left and record a 30 second shout out!                   

Hurry, because space is limited and The last day for leaving messages is Tuesday, May 3rd  

Thank you for joining me during this fun and laid back show. Thank you again Tammy, Jesse, and Denise Don’t forget, Please Leave a comment for this show, as always it’s been a pleasure.




Mar 30, 2016
Show #9 Crochet Dreamz

Shenaaz is the fabulous Blogging, Crafting, Sewing, Knitting,  Crocheting,  Designing Mom and Founder of Crochet Dreamz

She was  featured in Simply Crochet, Inside Crochet Magazine,

 and the designer of the Crochet Braided Cowl that went viral this winter season and still a major hit

I had to have Shenaaz on the CC Podcast, so we can hear the voice behind the designer  of Crochet Braided Cowl that went viral this winter and say thank you,

You will Learn

  1. How she stumbled upon her designing and blogging career
  2. Booties were her first pattern she designed for fun
  3. Her pattern writing technique
  4. Where she gets her ideas for patterns
  5. Advice for finding trustworthy pattern testers
  6. Tips on writing a fool proof pattern
  7. Her design specialty

8.Great ways to plan out your designs for the year

  1. The fame of the Braided Crochet Cowl
Mar 2, 2016
Mary Maxim Show #7

The History & continued Success of MARY MAXIM, 4th Generation Family Owned & Operated Business.  

Feb 21, 2016

Show 6: Angie Doherty/ Hooked By Angels

 This Show shares all about:

  • How Hooked By Angel began, including the name.
  • Angela’s assortment of patterns, kits, pattern writing & testers.
  •  How her international business is successful on Ravelry and Etsy. 
  • How her customers are an inspiration.  
  • Her ideal clients & the ways she caters to and pleases them. 
  • The various ways she sells products in her niche market. 
  • The 2 Podcasts that keeps her motivated. 
  • Angela business growth and expansion goals. 

In The Loop

  • Tips on How to gain repeat customers. 
  • Stitch of the Week: Waffle Stitch,  Visit CC's Pinterest Board  for ideas and inspiration.                                                     
  • Pet Shout:   Angie Doherty’s Remy furry associate Remy and Kathryn Vercillo’s pet baby  Katara  who she has a following on Instagram@rescuedogkatara 

 Kathryn and Angie are using the gift of Crochet to help people and pets alike.  

If you’d like your fur baby to get a Shout Out on CC's Podcast leave a pic and comment on CC’s Facebook page under the Pet Lover Post,

 Thank you so much for joining me on show #6; and to Angela Doherty Founder of Hooked by an Angel. She is on Etsy and many of the social media sites as Hooked By Angel. A great place to go if you want to bless a Dog Lover in your life with an unforgettable gift.

Also use coupon code ccpod at Hooked By Angel  Ravelry store for 20% of patterns.

  Show Link

Where to find Hooked By Angel

 Website  Facebook   Instagram    Twitter  

Pinterest  Ravelry    Etsy

 Other Links 

Follow Katara On Instagram 

The Flamies Crochet Awards 

Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Podcast   By Marie Segares 

Etsy Conversations Podcast   By Ijeoma Eleazu   


Show #7 will feature a huge name in Crochet! 

Forever Hooked 




Feb 14, 2016


Kinga Erdem is Founder of one of the most massive, vibrant and supportive crochet groups on FB; My Hobby is Crochet.  She is just the sweetest and humblest of women. Her blog My Hobby is Crochet boasts grand resources stock full of free patterns and tutorials; a playground for Crocheters.

After I joined her FB Group, I was determined to get Kinga Erdem on the podcast. Why? I needed to know how, and what drives a person to run a colossal group, a blog with free patterns and sensational quest bloggers, all for no salary.  I was group moderator; with over 700 members in one country, a single empty nester, and that was an overtime job!  Hence, I was on a mission to see how Kinga manages as a full time Mother. Moreover, allow the members to truly see the time and sacrifices made to give us creatives a safe place for growth, sharing, encouragement, and learning

 Even during the interview there is a moment where you are going to hear, and get a deeper behind the scenes peak of the devoted lives of group owners and admins

Well Kinga and I were messaging back and forth about the interview; whilst, she’s on maternity leave, lives in Germany, and there’s a huge time difference between. Eventually, we agreed an Admin would be just as good to interview.

It was a great pleasure to interview Jackie Edwards, one of the many admins near my time zone. We had a hard time ending the interview; and I stifled lots of giggles, and laughter!

I introduce to the world Kinga Erdem Founder of My Hobby Is Crochet and her Admin Jackie Edwards

The Interview: Jackie (admin for 2 years) gives behind the scenes work of one of the largest Crochet Groups, she shares about:


  1. Kinga (Founder  of My Hobby is Crochet) and Clare ( BobWilson123  & are friends and how they both collaborated with their own crochet group Kinga and Clare.
  2. How Kinga chose the name for her blog/website.
  3. The way My Hobby is Crochet grew into an enormous group today.
  4. Kinga lives in Germany and able to keep up with a massive international group
  5. The Admins are spread out globally but, are able to efficiently manage the group w/o a schedule.
  6. Behind the scenes, the Admins translate member’s native language and vice versa. In order for members in over 15 countries to communicate with other members.
  7. The time and dedication it took for them to create the guidelines for the group and adhering to them are vital.
  8. Few of the challenges of moderating 50,000 people in one place, and maintaining to harmony.
  9. Keeping the group focused on crochet helps make the community crochet a great experience
  10. The difficulties of protecting patterns and arts, also insuring that all artists and designers are given the proper recognition and copyrights are imperative as a crochet community.
  11. One of the most hilarious time in the group all the admins agreed upon.
  12. The inspiring projects and moments; and an initiative among the Delaware members in the group joining Code Purple to make crochet mats and other accessories for the homeless population.
  13. Highlights the noteworthy work of Owner, Admins and Members who are stars among My Hobby Is Crochet, and the great things they do outside of the group and in the crochet world. Admins share free patterns, help members with patterns and share so much value within the group.

My Hobby Is Crochet Admins & Links 

Jackie Edwards: Healing Yarns 

Rachelle Herron Rachelle Hand Crochet Treasrure

Celina Lane Simply Collectibles Crochet

Kathy Lashely Elk Studios  

Kirstin Coning Creations                

Erin Forte'

A'May Beans Warren        

Kimberly Ulrich 


My Hobby Is Crochet Links &  Social Media Links

Code Purple     Ravelry   Instagram   Facebook  BLOG


In The Loop

       5 great ways to maximize your Online Groups experience

  1. Follow the rules: if you are in a group for Chefs try to stay as close to subject of cooking as much as you can. However, times may arise when one is going through personal issues and need some encouragement, I’d say share but not too much. Once words are released on the world wide web there is no going back.
  2. Don’t take offense easily, other people’s interpretation or perception of a comment is taken wrongly. Remember people from all nationalities, cultures, and experiences make up these dynamic groups; and not interacting face to face. But, there’s one thing that can cross these borders, Emoticons! Take advantage of these little internet goodies, and use nice ones. This can maintain a community of fun, growth.
  3. Add value, by posting a question (that’s not too controversial) or joining discussions. Give good feedback to a question or comment. Share funny, encouraging; picture, stories and quotes. They are great at making members smile, laugh, or feel motivated.
  4. Don’t be Spammy. I am all for promoting your page, blog, or website; it’s exciting and a great sense of accomplishments and you want to share among members. I did when my blog and podcast launched I just wanted to share. However, asking to purchase products and/or adding sales lead links changes the whole dynamics of the group.  The owner worked hard to create a mood of sharing and caring not taking. Imagine hanging with a friend and all they want is your money; or you build a reputable company and a boot-legger comes in selling their products in your establishments to your customers. You’ll be upset. Nevertheless, there are groups for that purpose and you should take advantage of that selling platform.
  1. If you feel the group is not for you, leave quietly and create your own group with like- minded people.


Stitch of the Week  Popcorn Stitch You can go to CC’s     (Crocheters Connection) Pinterest Board  for ideas, and inspiration.

My favorite part of the show is our Pet Baby Shout outs:   Janice Anderson  shared an adorable picture of Phoebe and says she is her lapdog and shadow  


If you’d like your pet name shout out on the show just post a picture and comment under the Pet Lover’s Post on CC FB Page


Thank you to Kinga Erdem, Jackie Edwards and all the Admins from my Hobby Is Crochet a massive crochet community that is doing great things; CAL's, free patterns, pattern tutorials; support from over 50,500 other creatives and designers; and so much more.

Kinga is all over the web and social media platforms with the same name tag: My Hobby Is Crochet.

I am honored you have joined me, kindly subscribe, download and please leave feedback,

Feedback helps me to make the show better for you.  It was a pleasure.

Forever Hooked,

Priscilla Prince

Feb 7, 2016

Shannon Perzel is owner of Shannons Shoppe 
Shannon shares about:

1. Naming her shop and imprtance of simple names
2. Her crochet business found her.
3. The Support of family & friends helped her business.
4. Her niche area home items from baskets to rugs, home decor, and women accessories.
5. Twelve years of Jewelry making transformed her into a life of crochet
6. Pinterest is her inspiration in additon to uses of color combinations
7. Tips on how on she is successful selling only on fb for free.
8. Ways to use maximiaze peak and off peak seasons.
9. Her pricing startegy that keeps client happy.
10.Running an efficent online shop without geeting overwhelmed.


Shannons Shoppe on FaceBook

Design Seeds to use color palletes and get color combinations ideas
Design Seed

Crochet Happenings
Selling your products
1. Don't price too low factor in costs: time, materials, packaging, and shipping
consider your resources(lights, internet, phone service, marketing <mail responders, software, etc>)

2. Present packages in a wonderful way to create an unforgetable experucne for your clients an customers
consider the beautifuness perfume packages or expensive boxes of chocolate.
Scroll through Google Images to get packaging ideas and inspiration.

3. Use Promotions: such as bundling products and/or patterns, use holidays to promote your specials like the rest of the world of sellers
use coupon and dsicount code to.

I hope these tips increase you sales.

II. Stitch of the week: Puff Stitch
* Post Pictures on CC's Fan Page of your projects using the shell stitch
* Provide links only to patterns if they are not your own work to respect all copyright laws
* Post on cc's fb page and I will in turn be used on the CC Pinterest board.
* CC Board will be there a resource and to showcase your awesome work
The Puff Stitch is the stitch of the week


III. Pet Shout Outs
I enjoy this part of the show! We get to recognize our crochet fur babies!
1. Stephanie's Cat Binx . Binx 2 months ago he was a stray. He's about a year old so he's been a stray his whole life.
He approached my husband outside as he was cleaning our car. We took him to the vet, got him vaccinated, and he's lovingly attacked my yarn ever since.
We love him very much.

2. Carolyn Pierson Schumacher Bella in her Super Girl Halloween costume

3.It is fitting to mention Shannon's 2 dogs s first is Shelly he just love to play ball and cuddle with me when I crochet and
next is her baby Lexi she just love people so much and she love love to cuddle you all the time.

I hope Binx, Bella, Shelly, and Lexi are listening too!

If you'd love to hear ya shout out of our Crochet Pet Buddy or Baby's name on CC Podcast
Go to CC Page and share Pictures, Comments and or stories

Thank You

Feb 4, 2016

 CC Podcast creator Priscilla Prince shares

  • A Brief About Me,
  • How Crochet is a Hobby, Hustle, & Healing
  • Tips about selling crochet creations.

Then there are further fun shouts and ideas

Subscribe, Comment, & share CC FaceBook Page, CC Website

Listen for Show # 2 with Kid Crochet Prodigy: Carter!

Priscilla Prince,

Feb 3, 2016

Jana Cooper is Owner/Operator of JaCo, Desinger and Pattern Writer
shares her expertise about:
1. The pattern creation process
2. Where she gets Inspiration and how she stays Inspired
3. How she started her business with the help of her teen daughter
4. Her Famous Crochet Monster Pants and Boot Cuffs
5. Ways to Submit crochet patterns for free
6. Her experience on Etsy

Where to Find Jana Cooper
1.JaCo Ravelry
2. LIL Jaco on Facebook
3.JaCo - on FaceBook

Jana Cooper Specials Feb 2 - 28 2015
1. Specials for February: coupon code (LOVE) patterns at 25% off &
2. mention CC podcast to get  10% off custom orders
Visit her on Ravelry or FaceBook

Jana Cooper Suggested Links to submit Patterns
1.Ravelry Free FB GroupRavelry Free Group on Facebook
2. Ravelry
3.  Craftsy

CC Crochet Tips & More

Tips: Writing Patterns
1. Think about niche audience 
2. Master Your niche via customer feed back, and doing something different
3. Make the patterns easy to understand include graphs, tutorials, pics for learners of all styles
4.Use  Pattern Testers in crochet groups
5. submit your free patterns to for free on Ravelry & Crftsy


Stitch of the week : The Moss Sttich

Pet Shout outs:
MarTi Ryskalczyk Bowen-Witte Santa Baby!!!
Nicole Cardella Lily Doggie,
Theresa Roush My Cloud Kitty, she died last month (show 3)
Theresa CC and Listeners send our Condolences to you.

Feb 2, 2016


Soft spoken 9 year Old  Carter is amazing  , made it sound like I'm speaking over him during the interview, but I did not hear him!

It was an awesome interview  with his Mom Peggy by his side!

Learn about Carter's great ambitions This is what he shared:

  • his goal is  by age 12
  • favorite hook
  • knows 7 yarn techniques:
  • Has a  witty answers to other children teasing
  • An Non-profit He's working on
  • watched youtube Natazia to learn how to crochet

Visit, Subscribe to his Blog: Crochet Kid Blog

Carter's Links

Post about His 1st Podcast

Natazia Crochet Tutorials

Tatting for Beginners by Kmemuse

Discovery World Museum

Gives advice for children that what to learn how to crochet
Witty and SMart and soft spoken Kid that kept me on my toes during the interview I learnt about scented yarns and a new technique called tatting! My favorite words Carter said are  "Don't Forget About Me, I have Big Dreams!"


and Listen to His Comments is "Don't Forget About Me, I have Big Dreams!

  • Crochet stitch of the week see stitch
  • 5 Tips for teaching kids to krochet
  • Crochet Pet Buddy shout:  Charlann Shepherd   Prince Hairy, Sabrina Maulden Susie

Thank you to Carter's Mom Peggy Riemer!


Listen out for Show #2  with Jana Cooper Crochet Designer/Pattern Writer


Priscilla Prince

Forever Hooked