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Crocheters Connection Podcast



 "Crochet is My Hobby, My Hustle, My Healing" Priscilla Prince

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Feb 21, 2016

Show 6: Angie Doherty/ Hooked By Angels

 This Show shares all about:

  • How Hooked By Angel began, including the name.
  • Angela‚Äôs assortment of patterns, kits, pattern writing & testers.
  •  How her international business is successful on Ravelry and Etsy. 
  • How her customers are an inspiration.  
  • Her ideal clients & the ways...

Feb 14, 2016


Kinga Erdem is Founder of one of the most massive, vibrant and supportive crochet groups on FB; My Hobby is Crochet.  She is just the sweetest and humblest of women. Her blog My Hobby is Crochet boasts grand resources stock full of free patterns and tutorials; a playground for Crocheters.

After I joined her FB Group,...

Feb 7, 2016

Shannon Perzel is owner of Shannons Shoppe 
Shannon shares about:

1. Naming her shop and imprtance of simple names
2. Her crochet business found her.
3. The Support of family & friends helped her business.
4. Her niche area home items from baskets to rugs, home decor, and women accessories.
5. Twelve years of Jewelry...

Feb 4, 2016

 CC Podcast creator Priscilla Prince shares

  • A Brief About Me,
  • How Crochet is a Hobby, Hustle, & Healing
  • Tips about selling crochet creations.

Then there are further fun shouts and ideas

Feb 3, 2016

Jana Cooper is Owner/Operator of JaCo, Desinger and Pattern Writer
shares her expertise about:
1. The pattern creation process
2. Where she gets Inspiration and how she stays Inspired
3. How she started her business with the help of her teen daughter
4. Her Famous Crochet Monster Pants and Boot Cuffs
5. Ways to...