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 "Crochet is My Hobby, My Hustle, My Healing" Priscilla Prince

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Feb 2, 2016


Soft spoken 9 year Old  Carter is amazing  , made it sound like I'm speaking over him during the interview, but I did not hear him!

It was an awesome interview  with his Mom Peggy by his side!

Learn about Carter's great ambitions This is what he shared:

  • his goal is  by age 12
  • favorite hook
  • knows 7 yarn techniques:
  • Has a  witty answers to other children teasing
  • An Non-profit He's working on
  • watched youtube Natazia to learn how to crochet

Visit, Subscribe to his Blog: Crochet Kid Blog

Carter's Links

Post about His 1st Podcast

Natazia Crochet Tutorials

Tatting for Beginners by Kmemuse

Discovery World Museum

Gives advice for children that what to learn how to crochet
Witty and SMart and soft spoken Kid that kept me on my toes during the interview I learnt about scented yarns and a new technique called tatting! My favorite words Carter said are  "Don't Forget About Me, I have Big Dreams!"


and Listen to His Comments is "Don't Forget About Me, I have Big Dreams!

  • Crochet stitch of the week see stitch
  • 5 Tips for teaching kids to krochet
  • Crochet Pet Buddy shout:  Charlann Shepherd   Prince Hairy, Sabrina Maulden Susie

Thank you to Carter's Mom Peggy Riemer!


Listen out for Show #2  with Jana Cooper Crochet Designer/Pattern Writer


Priscilla Prince

Forever Hooked