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 "Crochet is My Hobby, My Hustle, My Healing" Priscilla Prince

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Apr 30, 2016

Show #10 Pattern Lovers

Hello My Creatives, Welcome to Crocheters Connection Podcast!

 This is your LOL Host Priscilla Prince bringing you episode #10.

This show is a bit different! It features your LOL Host and 3 other Crocheters on a conference call talking about Pattern Collectors Denise, Jesse, and Tammy, sad Yes when I asked them to come on the show.

We unite in hilarious snippets of the life of Crocheters. I even learn a lot about wool yarn. I’m certain you can relate and laugh with us.

 Although, the title is Pattern Lovers we wander off into a few other crochet topics.

I really hope you Enjoy the Show as much as I did! I present to the world Denise, Jesse, and Tammy!

In the Loop

3 Tips For Preserving Patterns

  1. Like Jess use virtual storage and go a step further, back them up on a USB just in case the websites are no longer available and if you have a huge pattern collection 2GB USB’s have the capacity to holding more than 2.000 files. Order 4GB Pack HERE
  2. If you have a monstrous collection Print and file them in color coordinated folders just like Denise Green for St Patrick’s Day, Red for Valentine’s Day and etc. Order These Colorful folders HERE
  3. Using Photo Albums are neat ways to keep patterns clean, organized, and portable. Like Tammy grab a few and sort out your patterns. Start off with the page protectors Here and Portable Binder Here    

You are on your way to being a Fab Organized Pattern Collector!

Featured Project: Plarn Crochet  I love this project! You’ll never run out of yarn, it’s free, and you’re helping the planet.  Visit CC Pinterest Board HERE For Ideas and Inspiration

Trivia: What is my favorite crochet quote I mentioned during this show?  To answer visit CC’s Blog HERE Click the green banner on the left and leave a message. Prize and winner to be announced on the next show.  


Denise Parker has a special for listeners. Shop MustHaveThis ETSY Store HERE and Get 20% off  coupon code cc2016  

CC Webinar on May 16th: How to Be A Success t Selling Handmade Pieces At Craft Shows. Register Here

As you know Mother’s Day Is quickly approaching and CC Podcast is honoring MOTHERS  by dedicating an hour show of  personal messages  On Mother’s Day.  Make Sure That Special MOM Listens to the show on Mother’s Day! Read A Poem, Share A Memory, Say Something Lovely, Sing A Song.  Just go to  CC Blog click the green banner on the left and record a 30 second shout out!                   

Hurry, because space is limited and The last day for leaving messages is Tuesday, May 3rd  

Thank you for joining me during this fun and laid back show. Thank you again Tammy, Jesse, and Denise Don’t forget, Please Leave a comment for this show, as always it’s been a pleasure.